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StoryMill from Mariner Software

Version 4.0.5
Released 10/28/2011


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Minimum System Requirements
Mac OS 10.6 or higher

Support Languages
StoryMill Supports EnglishEnglish

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The Easiest, Most Complete Novel Writing Software Ever.

Writing a great novel doesn't just happen, it is designed. It is thought out. It takes a writer who has discipline, creativity and open-mindedness. Writing is a creative process and like all creative processes, sometimes it's hard to get started. But ask any writer, once you get into "the zone" you can write forever.


Introducing StoryMill 4
Take your idea for mystery, romance, adventure, action or science fiction and turn it into that novel you know is within but just needs a little help getting out. Developed to ease a person into the writing experience, StoryMill 4 is purposely designed to include all the essential writing elements, while at the same time maintaining an intuitive user interface.

Let's take a peek inside
StoryMill is incredibly flexible – use it as your no-nonsense place to write and revise using its distraction-free full screen and powerful annotations, or as your complete database of every character, location and scene that makes up your novel. You can set a daily writing goal and keep track of it using the Progress Meter. There are handy things to help you keep track of cliches and monitor how many times you use a word. There's a single place for all your research – add pictures, tags, files and links, or make notes to any item in your project. It's all right there within easy reach.

Timeline View

Have Timeline, will travel
The Timeline View is all new. You can group the scenes so you can see the relationship between them. Change the unit of time measurement all the way from minutes to centuries. Insert scenes or events and view the list of untimed scenes. No matter what passage of time your story takes, the Timeline View will give you a perspective unique only to StoryMill.


"Each time I delve deeper into StoryMill and take more full advantage of its abundant resources, the writing process just gets simpler and simpler."

Ridley Pearson
New York Times Best Selling Author

Snapshots View

We've taken some of the pain out of editing.
The Snapshot feature eases the editing process. Go to any scene or chapter and take a snapshot of your work. You can then view two versions of your writing, make edits and revisions in one so you can compare it to the other. If you like what you see you can keep or go back to the original.

Clean and Simple
One of StoryMill's best features is the Full Screen Mode, providing you with a clean, distraction-free writing landscape. No background apps, no menu bar – not even email – just you focusing on your novel. Pick any color background and any color type – even determine your margins – either way, your eyes will thank you for it.