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Contour from Mariner Software: Have a great idea for a movie? Then get it out of your head and onto the page!

Contour Script Review

Purchasing a Contour Script Review is the most effective way to improve your script. Our personal Contour Script Consultants have been trained and hand-picked by Jeffrey Alan Schechter, not only for their complete understanding of the Contour system, but for their empathy, passion, and writing ability. As a matter of fact, Jeffrey has worked with, written with, and relied on Dan, Alvaro, Chris, and Jim to review his OWN writing!

To order a review of your script, place your order for the Basic or Professional service in our eStore here and we will match up the Consultant who specializes in your genre of writing.

When we receive your order, the reviewer will contact you within 48 hours to coordinate the process and have you submit your screenplay.

Contour Basic – $199

Basic Coverage is the most economical choice for snappy, concise feedback on your script’s overall strength and marketability. This surface scan of your screenplay generates a 1-2 page assessment of your script’s concept, story, character, structure, dialogue and writing style, but goes further than the industry standard by assessing how well you’ve answered The Four Questions required of every solid story.


  • Recommendation to ‘Consider’ or ‘Pass’
  • Grading of concept, story, character, dialogue and professional appearance.
  • Four Questions Assessment
  • Four Archetypes Assessment
  • General Comments that address concept, story, character, dialogue and writing style (1-2 pages)

View Basic Sample 1 of a Contour ReviewView Basic Sample

Contour Pro – $399

Contour Pro goes above and beyond the Basic package by not only illuminating weaknesses in your story, but offering strategies to help you improve it – via a full 44 plot point breakdown and assessment of your script in Contour. This option requires prior knowledge of Contour.


  • Recommendation to ‘Consider’ or ‘Pass’
  • Grading of concept, story, character, dialogue and writing style
  • Four Questions Assessment
  • The Four Archetypes Assessment
  • A breakdown and assessment of your script according to the 44 Plot Points and The Guide, pinpointing areas in need of improvement.
  • Related assessment of concept, story, character, dialogue and writing style. (2-4 pages)

View Pro Sample 1 of a Contour ReviewView Pro Sample


Customers are required to sign a Release Form upon engagement of services.


Meet the Reviewers

Contour Services Profile - Dan Pilditch

Dan Pilditch

Dan became a working writer while studying for his BFA in film at Ryerson University. Starting out as a writer’s assistant to the man behind Contour, Jeffrey Alan Schechter, he has since earned credits in children’s television, worked on family and action features, interactive projects, and has written animation, live action, and hybrids of the two. Produced writing credits include Freefonix for the BBC, Grossology and Di-Gata Defenders for Nelvana, and Hot Wheels: Battle Force Five for Mattel. Most recently, Dan has story-coordinated season 3 of the tween series Overruled! for Shaftesbury, and is jr. story editing for an in-development live-action series for E1 Entertainment and YTV. He is also working on his own project pitches, and can’t wait to get his stuff out there one day.

Dan has extensive experience in family entertainment, but also loves action, horror, and comedy. And sci-fi. And thrillers. He knows how to spot a good story, and has great insight into how to fix those stories that are…well…less than good. He’s also a senior reviewer at Contour At The Movies. And he’s British, so he talks funny.


Contour Services Profile - Alvaro Rodriguez

Alvaro Rodriguez

Alvaro Rodriguez graduated from the University of Texas in 1992 and soon began collaborating with director Robert Rodriguez on various screenplays before scoring his own pitch for a vampire western prequel to Quentin Tarantino’s screenplay From Dusk Till Dawn, The Hangman’s Daughter (2000). His most recent collaborations include Warner Brothers’ SHORTS (2009) and Fox’s Machete (2010). He is repped by Mark Holder of Zero Gravity Management.

Alvaro specializes in the following genres: Action/Adventure, Thriller, Horror, Crime, Western and Family.


Contour Services Profile - Chris Lawson

Chris Lawson

Chris is a graduate of Sheridan College’s Media Arts program, and works as a script reader for Canada’s largest literary and talent agency. He’s also a writer, working with a number of independent production companies. And if that’s not enough, he’s also a graphic novelist.

Chris prefers actions, thrillers and dramas, but respects any script with an entertaining concept, a tight story, and an attention to detail. As an agency reader, he knows how to pick apart any scene for meaningful tension and dramatic conflict – the stuff that keeps readers turning the pages and audiences parked in their seats.


Contour Services Profile - Jim Henson

Jim Henson

Jim Henson (no, not the legend), a graduate of Central Michigan University, has been a musician, conductor, writer, director and occasional producer for the past 40 years. He has been involved in the UCLA screenwriter’s workshop program and has studied screenwriting with Golda David, the first female producer at Disney, and also has studied under Ken Rotcop. His screenplay One More Day was optioned through Deja View Productions and his television pilot Strip Show was optioned by Gravel Road Productions. His horror screenplay Truck Stop has recently been purchased by Earthwalk Entertainment and production is slated for 2011. He also serves as a Technical Writer for Mariner Software where he was introduced to the Contour method and has provided much of the content for the examples within the software. He has also written and edited the Contour User’s Guide for Mariner Software and uses the method extensively in his own writing, including his latest Mixed Martial Arts screenplays Fight and The Good Die Young. Jim credits Jeffrey Schechter as the guy who finally helped him see the forest from the trees when it comes to the dreaded Act Two and is thrilled to be able to share the Contour method with others (Don’t let the picture fool you. He’s thrilled on the inside.)



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